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Pharmaceutical and Health Care

With expertise in, and knowledge of, Japanese pharmaceutical, medical device, food, medical, elderly care and other various health care related regulations, we provide high-quality legal services to international and domestic pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, drug wholesalers and retailers, pharmaceutical service providers, food and beverages companies, as well as medical, elderly care and other health care related businesses, medical institutions and owners/operators of hospitals and nursing homes, and companies that provide finance, leasing and various other services to these businesses.

Based on our specialized knowledge and knowhow of the various pharmaceutical and health care related regulations, we advise on and assist with a wide variety of regulatory matters, including regulatory interpretation and compliance issues, communication and interaction with Japanese regulatory authorities, clinical trials, drug examinations, licenses and permits, NHI price listings, advertisements, as well as recalls, crisis management and internal investigations for potential misconduct or violations.

By utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience with respect to M&A, fair trade regulations, finance, real estate, labor law, intellectual property, litigation/arbitration and other various business laws, we provide a wide range of services (including deal structuring, due diligence, contract drafting/negotiations and dispute resolution) in connection with various business activities involving pharmaceutical, medical and health care related companies/institutions, such as mergers and acquisitions, alliances, business startups, facilities construction, financing, real estate securitization, licensing and other commercial transactions.


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