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Myanmar has been implementing policies for development such as the opening of the stock exchange and the development of special economic zones. It continues to attract the most attention among Southeast Asian countries, with the transfer of power to a new government. Japanese companies are expected to expand their business activities in Myanmar in the near future. In addition, Myanmar has been working on the modernization of its legal system, including economic laws, with support from other counties such as Japan. However, it is also true that many Japanese companies are hesitant to expand their operations into Myanmar due to their limited access to information on Myanmar's legal system.
Under these conditions, we are eager to meet wide-ranging client needs utilizing collaborative relationships with a prominent law firm (where one of our Japanese lawyers works regularly) and our accumulated experience from the cases we have dealt with in the past. We cover general corporate matters and provide legal support to Japanese companies in Myanmar, including establishment of branches and business alliances with Myanmar companies.


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