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Other Asian Jurisdictions

Our "Asia Practice Group (APG)" is also well prepared and organized to support the expansion of Japanese companies even to countries other than those mentioned individually, by utilizing accumulated experience developed through interaction with prominent local law firms and from the provision of legal services for various matters. The expansion of business activities of Japanese companies overseas is expected to further extend into, for example, Korea, which has deep geographical and historical connections with Japan; Hong Kong, where many Japanese companies locate their regional headquarters to oversee businesses in the Asian region; the Philippines and Malaysia, which are drawing increased attention from the viewpoint of the diversification of risk in the Southeast Asian region; and Cambodia and Laos, which are attracting attention from Japanese companies as investment destinations. Under such circumstances, APG is pleased to provide valuable legal services to our clients who are exploring the expansion of their business activities overseas, by recognizing both the uniqueness and peculiarities of the legal systems of each country on the one hand and, on the other hand, the common legal issues that we are usually faced in the process of expanding business activities in the Asian region.


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