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Securitization/Structured Finance/Trust

We are a pioneer in the Japanese securitization market, having been involved in numerous innovative and cutting-edge transactions and serving a principal role in the development of securitization.

We have been involved in the securitization of a wide range of assets, including various receivables (including loan receivables, accounts receivables, lease receivables, credit receivables, auto loan receivables, mortgage receivables, medical account receivables and nonperforming loans), real estate, movable assets, securities and intellectual property rights.

We have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of structures in Japanese and cross-border transactions, including, in addition to the traditional methods of securitization and liquidation, WBS (Whole Business Securitization), CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities), CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligations), BIS Finance (dealing with financial institutions capital adequacy requirements under the Basel Accord) and others transactions involving derivatives.

We are able to provide exceptional expert advice in all aspects of securitization transactions - e.g., structure development, risk analysis, SPC or trust formation, documentation, negotiation, research and rendering of legal opinions. We represent clients that serve various functions in the securitization market, from arrangers, originators, fiduciaries (trust banks), and special purpose companies, to parties supplying supplementary financing and/or credit-enhancement (financial institutions), credit-rating agencies and investors.


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