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Employment Disputes

We have a strong complement of highly experienced employment and labor lawyers who primarily advise management, including that of foreign and domestic companies in various industries. Reflecting the diversity of our clients, we have represented clients in a number of epoch-making court cases as legal counsel.

More specifically, our lawyers have a wide range of experience and expertise from representing clients in traditional forums of dispute resolution, such as civil lawsuits, petitions for preliminary disposition, labor tribunals and review procedures by labor relations commissions over labor-management disputes arising from dismissals, job transfers and changes in employment conditions, etc., to advising on relatively new matters, such as treatment of employees with mental illness, for which we engage in negotiations and representation in legal procedures for such clients. Moreover, we advise our clients on matters regarding management of relationships with labor unions, and we frequently engage in collective bargaining negotiations with labor unions.

Our lawyers are not only specialized in employment and labor disputes, but also very experienced in large-scale commercial litigation and in handling corporate law matters. As a result, our lawyers are quite knowledgeable about various aspects of corporate activities that complement their practices in employment and labor law disputes.


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