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August 4, 2010

Opening of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu New York Office


We hereby announce that Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) ("NO&T") will open its New York office, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu NY LLP, on September 1, 2010.

NO&T, established on January 1, 2000, is widely known as a leading law firm in Japan, and the foremost provider of international and commercial legal services. With approximately 340 lawyers (including foreign-licensed lawyers), NO&T considers its international practice as one of its key fields and has provided advice in connection with international transactions to clients including both domestic and foreign companies, and government agencies. Recently, NO&T is strengthening its capacity to support the growing number of Japanese companies expanding its operations overseas.

NO&T became affiliated with Masuda International in May 2007, a law firm based in New York founded and managed by Mr. Junji Masuda. Our cooperative efforts include NO&T sending a partner Mr. Yasuhide Watanabe to Masuda International. This affiliation was undertaken mainly for the purposes of working on our client's disputes in the United States and efficiently providing advice in international transactions between Japan and the United States. The affiliation over the course of the past two years has led NO&T to decide to establish a New York office, which will build on the rich experience and the strengths of Masuda International. Mr. Junji Masuda will become a special counsel (of-counsel) of NO&T and will concurrently become a partner of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu NY LLP.

The New York office will be located in a skyscraper adjacent to Carnegie Hall in mid-town Manhattan. By establishing the New York office, NO&T will be able to access the network of U.S. attorneys that Mr. Masuda has developed over the past twenty years across the United States. Furthermore, as the only leading Japanese law firm with an office in New York, NO&T will be able to gather significant legal knowledge in the United States and provide the highest quality of legal services, thereby offering the optimum solution to Japanese companies facing legal issues in the United States and nearby regions.

The address of the New York office and the biography of our attorneys are as follows:

Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu NY LLP
Carnegie Hall Tower
152 West 57th Street, 37th Floor
New York, New York 10019-3310, U.S.A.
Telephone: +1-212-258-3333
Facsimile: +1-212-957-3939

Junji Masuda

Education: 1966, University of Tokyo, LL.B., 1971, Columbia Law School, LL.M.
Legal Qualifications: 1968, Japan (Attorney), 1991, New York State (Legal Consultant), 1995, New York State (Attorney)

Yasuhide Watanabe

Education: 1981, University of Tokyo, LL.B., 1991, Columbia Law School, LL.M.
Legal Qualifications: 1986, Japan (Attorney), 1992, New York State and California State (Attorney)

Yoshitoshi Imoto

Education: 2001, University of Tokyo, LL.B., 2008, Harvard Law School, LL.M.
Legal Qualifications: 2002, Japan (Attorney), 2009, New York State (Attorney)

Yoshihiko Matake

Education: 2003, University of Tokyo, LL.B., 2010, Columbia Law School, LL.M.
Legal Qualifications: 2004, Japan (Attorney)

For further information regarding this matter, please contact:

Public Relations, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
+81-3-3288-7366 (Direct)
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