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Data Protection and Privacy

With the introduction of the amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information in May 2017 and the enactment of numerous administrative guidelines and public notices based on the amended Act, the Japanese regulatory environment in the area of privacy and data protection is becoming increasingly complex.

In light of growing consumer awareness of personal information and privacy, businesses must adopt appropriate measures that not only comply with the Japanese regulatory regime but also reflect best practices. Simultaneously, businesses need to ensure that business innovation is not impeded by excessive restrictions on the use of personal information, including Big Data. By drawing on our understanding of the regulations as well as our knowledge of the ways in which businesses are approaching Japanese data protection compliance, we provide pragmatic solutions and add value to our clients’ businesses.

In addition, with the globalization of business activities and the extensive cross-border exchange of personal data, it is a progressively important issue for multinational businesses to observe data protection regulations in major jurisdictions across the globe, including the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU. Our privacy and data protection team has wide experience in advising global firms in the context of foreign data protection regimes in collaboration with our network of lawyers throughout the world.
We are able to cover the full range of privacy and data protection issues. In relation to data incidents, our cross-disciplinary team provides various support services, such as dealing with authorities, consumer support, litigation response, and internal investigation.


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