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For J-REIT projects, lawyers are required to provide, within a very short span of time, voluminous documentation and expert legal advice and service in order to, among other things, establish the investment corporation (J-REIT) and its asset management company, obtain necessary permits and make necessary registrations, establish internal governance structure in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, negotiate complex regulatory matters with Financial Service Agency and stock exchanges, effect the investment corporation's acquisition and/or disposition of the relevant real property and/or real estate trust beneficiary interests, and list the investment securities issued by the investment corporation on the stock exchange. Our lawyers have expert knowledge of, and wide-ranging experience in, finance, corporate, regulatory, real estate, tax and all other areas of the law necessary to provide speedy and appropriate services in any real estate transaction, thereby enabling us to staff projects with skilled and organized teams to successfully handle even the most innovative and sophisticated project.

Recently the real estate investment by J-REIT to overseas is drawing the strong attention of the market and it is becoming important to be able to provide unified services with a deep understanding of the local laws of various countries. We, having various offices outside Japan, are well prepared to provide timely and appropriate services by organizing teams of highly experienced lawyers with distinguished expertise, wide experience and different backgrounds.

Further, we also advise on M&A transactions and insolvency proceedings of J-REITs.


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