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Environmental Law

We primarily advise foreign and domestic industrial companies and financial institutions on a broad array of matters related to the environment, including environmental contamination and regulatory compliance with respect to workplace safety, hazardous materials and industrial waste, in connection with their business activities, operations and transactions (including but not limited to mergers and acquisitions, real estate sales and acquisitions and related financing transactions). We also represent our clients in various disputes arising from alleged violations of environmental regulations as well as represent them before government agencies in compliance related matters. Further, we have assisted government agencies and entrepreneurs in establishing systems and schemes for emissions trading and in promoting a variety of renewable energy projects that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently, we have realized new ways of providing comprehensive legal assistance to enterprises that seek to transfer their production and other operations to overseas, by, among other things, advising on matters related to risk management and compliance in relation to environmental regulations, and derivative matters, such as consumer protection issues, product liability and product recall and other product quality related responsibilities. In addition, we actively advise our clients on environmental issues that arise in the planning and implementation of energy related projects in Japan and overseas, as well as a variety of financial arrangements furthering the reach of these projects.

Our lawyers who specialize in environmental law are also highly experienced in both inbound and outbound corporate transactions and financial law matters. As a result, they are quite knowledgeable about various aspects of corporate activities that complement their knowledge of environmental law. Accordingly, our clients can expect to benefit from well-balanced, high-quality legal services with respect to environmental issues that take into account the impact that such issues may have on their corporate activities and business transactions.


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