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Capital Markets

We handle a broad and diverse range of transactions related to capital markets, such as procuring funds through the issuance of equity shares and bonds of corporations, investment securities of investment corporations and other securities, and the listing of such instruments in the stock exchanges of Japan and other countries. We have an abundance of experience in procuring large-scale funds for Japanese and foreign corporations, financial institutions, governments, government related entities, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and other funds.

Our experience includes:
•Offerings, including “global offerings” (offering simultaneously in Japan and international markets), sales and private placements of equity securities and bonds of Japanese corporations, J-REITs and other Japanese funds.
•Offerings, sales and private placements in the Japanese and foreign markets of hybrid securities (such as subordinated bonds, subordinated loans, preferred shares, preferred securities) of Japanese banks in connection with capital adequacy regulations (the Basel Accord) and hybrid securities of Japanese corporations.
•Offerings, sales and private placements involving foreign bonds guaranteed by Japanese government for Japanese government-related entities and municipality in international markets.
•Offerings, sales (public offering without listing), private placement of securities, depositary receipts, bonds, investment securities and fund ownership interests of foreign governments, foreign government agencies, foreign corporations, foreign REITs and other foreign funds in the Japanese market including “samurai-bonds”.
•Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and listings by Japanese and international corporations, J-REITs and other entities in the Japanese, Asian and other foreign markets.
•The establishment and distribution of stock-option programs by Japanese and international corporations.


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