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Europe is one of the largest economies in the world. With a GDP of approximately USD 22 billion and a highly developed and diversified economy, as well as political and legal stability and certainty, Europe is one of the most attractive areas for business and direct investments. The European Union – comprising of 27 member states – has a significant impact on almost all areas of law. While each member state maintains its own national legal system, EU regulations and directives govern a wide range of topics such as consumer protection, product safety and data protection, cartel and merger control, environmental protection and emissions trading. The influence of EU legislation is not limited to its member states. Many countries all over the world maintain bilateral treaties with the EU and adapt their own legislation to EU standards to facilitate international trade and economic exchange.

At Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, we have extensive experience in advising our Japanese clients on their Europe-related matters and projects and many of our lawyers have experience working in Europe or are even licensed to practice in European jurisdictions. In addition, we maintain excellent relationships and closely cooperate with leading law firms in each European jurisdiction to ensure that our Japanese clients receive seamless legal services for their European projects.

Similarly, we advise our European clients on their projects in Japan. As a full-service firm, we cover the entire spectrum of legal services that our European clients may require. This includes comprehensive legal and practical advice in connection with market entry. Based on our extensive experience in advising our European clients, we continuously strive to provide tailor-made and practical solutions that also take into account and address potential differences in business culture.

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