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Wealth Management/Succession Planning

We provide high-quality legal and tax services to wealthy clients, including owners of private enterprises, founder families of listed companies, wealthy individuals, and are highly responsive to the various needs and requests of our clients, in areas such as domestic/foreign asset management and investment, real estate and business investment, business succession, and wills and inheritance. Amidst the harsh environment in which inheritance, gift and international taxation laws have been fortified through recent amendments, we unstintingly support our clients in realizing their safe and efficient asset management and investment, accomplishing smooth business succession, real estate and business investment, wills or inheritance by proposing structures and solutions optimal for meeting our clients’ needs and requests based upon objective and thorough analysis of their legal and tax merits and demerits.

Our firm has various lawyers with ample knowledge, know-how and experience in areas such as inheritance and gift tax, individual income tax of resident and non-resident and other taxations, domestic/international will and inheritance laws, company laws (treasury stocks, class shares, etc.), M&A legislations (holding companies, triangle mergers, etc.), trust law (share trust, business succession trust, pre-designated-successor-beneficiary trust, etc.), non-profit incorporated association/foundation. Our firm also has its own overseas offices and network. Using these copious resources, we provide high-quality legal services satisfactory to our domestic and foreign clients’ needs and requests. We can also provide tax and legal opinions/second opinions with respect to various proposals from clients’ advisors, such as private bankers, from the perspective of the best interests of clients as per request.

Furthermore, our firm has extensive knowledge, know-how and experience in the area of dispute resolution, and can appropriately respond to our clients’ urgent needs on authorities’ investigations, family disputes or other contingencies.

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