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Other Practice Areas

Our experienced lawyers, through their current, in-depth knowledge and professional experience, provide our clients with timely and appropriate services on various legal issues that arise in, or relate to, specific business fields and businesses.

Environmental Law

We have significant experience in providing legal services related to various types of environmental issues. Our services also cover those related to global warming, renewable energy and foreign environmental regulations.


Consumer Law(Consumer Litigation)

We provide high-quality legal services in regard to consumer law in dispute prevention, crisis management and dispute resolutions based on the latest in-depth knowledge and extensive experience.


Data Protection and Privacy

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices, we provide advice on various issues arising under the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan and overseas data protection regulations.


Wealth Management/Business Succession/Inheritance

We provide services to wealthy clients/their advisers by proposing solutions for domestic/foreign asset management, business succession and inheritance based upon our ample knowledge and experience in tax, trust and inheritance.


IT and Telecommunications

We provide legal advice regarding computer systems and Internet business, telecommunication and broadcasting business, including advanced and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and FinTech.


Media, Entertainment and Sport

We assist clients in the entertainment and media-related industry, including TV broadcasting, motion pictures, music, publishing, advertising, video games and the professional sports industry.


Construction and Infrastructure

We have extensive experience in PPP projects, EPC and construction contracts of industrial plants, commercial buildings, museums and other works. We also advise foreign bidders in public/private procurement procedures in Japan.


Natural Resources and Energy

We have extensive experience in renewable energy projects and IPP projects in Japan, and provide a full range services to foreign investors and financiers.


Pharmaceutical and Health Care

The pharmaceutical and health care sector involves a wide variety of businesses, and the applicable regulatory regime is segmented and complex. We provide broad coverage and seamless support in these areas.