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International Trade and Commerce, and Economic Sanction

With the ongoing economic globalization and trade liberalization, WTO agreements, economic partnership agreements, and investment agreements have become progressively more important for the various business activities of companies, investments and trade. For example, when considering and determining investment structures, supply chains, among others, important factors may include not only tax benefits but also benefits of economic partnership agreements or investment agreements. Foreign governments and authorities have been increasingly imposing measures and regulations on corporate business activities, many of which can be addressed through WTO agreements or other international obligations and agreements. WTO agreements and other international rules can also help to resolve or remedy cases where foreign governments or authorities give preferential treatment to domestic products or companies and products are exported to Japan at unreasonable prices. Furthermore, trade controls and security trade controls associated with imports and exports are also becoming increasingly important for business activities.

Leveraging our worldwide network, we have been providing a wide range of legal services and advice related to international transactions, such as advising on investment structures that minimize overseas investment risks and on the compliance of supply chains with international trade law, handling trade disputes (e.g., violations of WTO agreements) and trade remedies (including anti-dumping duties, subsidies and safeguards), and advising on the interpretation and practice concerning import and export controls.

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