With one of the largest legal teams in Japan, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge focused on the singular purpose of providing high quality legal services.


Our lawyers have authored or co-authored a number of newsletters, articles, books and other materials covering a wide range of legal areas to address the latest legal developments and increasingly diverse and complex issues.


We regularly hold seminars and offer lectures through various formats, such as online streaming.


Global Practice

Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, as the foremost provider of international commercial legal services in Japan, actively supports Japanese companies that are expanding overseas, by maximizing our experience obtained through providing legal services in cross-border transactions and dispute resolution over the years. In particular, we have recently been strengthening our capacity and organizational structure to efficiently provide legal support to Japanese companies to meet the rapidly growing needs associated with global expansion.

In particular, in Asia, where Japanese companies are rapidly expanding, our Japanese lawyers in our Singapore office, Bangkok office, HCMC office, Hanoi office, the Jakarta office (*Associate office) and Shanghai office, who boast extensive experience in handling Asian legal matters, closely collaborate with lawyers from various Asian countries. In addition, we have put in place a framework that enables us to quickly meet wide-ranging client needs by providing appropriate advice based on the latest local information, while leveraging our network with leading law firms in each country.

In the U.S., which is a historically important market for Japanese companies and is becoming increasingly important today, we have, in recent years, further expanded the New York office, which has a long history dating back to the 1990s. Based on the latest practice in Japan and the U.S., our bilingual lawyers familiar with practices in both U.S. and Japan provide comprehensive legal advice (i) to Japanese clients, collaborating with experts from local law firms where appropriate, in light of comparison with Japanese practice, and (ii) to U.S. clients utilizing their deep understanding of Japanese law. In addition, the New York office also provides legal support to clients not only concerning the U.S. but also concerning Canada and Central and Latin America.

Furthermore, our firm is very well positioned to give comprehensive legal advice on matters with relation to Europe. We have lawyers with a profound knowledge of the European market and its various legal systems. A number of those lawyers have practical work experience in Europe and some are even qualified to practice in European jurisdictions.

In addition, through our many years of providing international legal services, we have established a network of trustworthy foreign law firms in many major cities around the world. In areas in which we have no overseas offices, we collaborate with the most appropriate foreign law offices, in view of the nature of the client request, and provide attentive and comprehensive legal advice on par with that provided in Japan.