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Consumer Contracts/General Terms and Conditions/e-Commerce

With regard to consumer contracts, especially terms and conditions, which govern the rights and obligations between companies and consumers, important legal amendments have been made in recent years, such as frequent amendments to the Consumer Contract Act and the introduction of rules on standard terms of contract in the Civil Code, as well as a number of judicial precedents. Companies are required to comply with all of them.

We are comprised of attorneys with diverse experience, including those who have been deeply involved in the amendments of the above-mentioned laws at the Ministry of Justice and the Consumer Affairs Agency, and in the formulation of practical rules such as the “Interpretative Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading” which play an important role in the field of e-commerce, as well as lawyers who have been invited to bill deliberations session in the Diet as expert advisors. Through this in-depth involvement from the rule-making stage, we have established and maintained a system that enables us to provide useful advice to clients. We also advise companies to create contracts and terms and conditions that allow companies to realize their respective business objectives while gaining consumer confidence, and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with consumers.

Based on the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest laws and judicial precedents, we will continue to focus on creating legitimate consumer contracts and terms and conditions that can realize our clients’ business objectives.

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