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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country comprised of, among others, Malay, Chinese and Indian immigrants and is famous for adherence to Islam for religion. Bahasa Malaysia is the official language but English, taught as a second language in schools, is widely used in business. For economy, Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is in the third position after Singapore and Brunei among ASEAN countries. Malaysia is rich in natural resources such as oil and natural gas and is a major producer of palm oil, natural rubber, tin and tropical hardwoods. The Malaysian Government encourages industry and foreign investment, particularly in high technology and resource-based export-oriented industries. Due to the strong relationship between the Governments of Malaysia and Japan, there is a long history of direct investment into Malaysia by Japanese companies with primary focus on manufacturing industry and investment in the service industry has been also growing these days.
We have been providing full-fledged legal services by capitalizing on our advantage of having abundance of experiences in Malaysian projects and cases, the skills of our Malaysian-qualified lawyer(s) and the extensive network we have with prominent local law firms. We are pleased and eager to provide a wide range of legal services to Japanese companies in relation to their business expansion into Malaysia, their local operations and business exit from Malaysia, including the establishment of local subsidiaries, joint venture with local companies, mergers and acquisitions, finance transactions, labor law issues, dispute resolution, crisis management, and advising on compliance issues such as bribery, competition and personal data protection laws.

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