With one of the largest legal teams in Japan, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge focused on the singular purpose of providing high quality legal services.


Our lawyers have authored or co-authored a number of newsletters, articles, books and other materials covering a wide range of legal areas to address the latest legal developments and increasingly diverse and complex issues.


We regularly hold seminars and offer lectures through various formats, such as online streaming.



Drawing on our broad experience and expertise in space law, we provide one-stop support to Old Space and New Space clients, covering financing, business alliances, and contract negotiations, such as those involving overseas projects and space agencies. Our expertise in various space businesses such as satellite launch services, satellite services (i.e., satellite PNT systems, communications and broadcasting and satellite remote sensing), on-orbit services, space resource development, commercial space travel, space insurance, and spaceports, enables us to assist our clients in the domestic and international development of these businesses. In particular, given that space has no borders, space business often requires a global response, and transactions with the U.S., a leading country in space business, are frequent. Our bilingual team is highly knowledgeable about space business, international space law, space law of the U.S. and other countries, and international transactions, and has considerable experience in contract negotiations in English with overseas space-related companies and space agencies. We also assist our overseas clients in expanding their businesses in Japan.

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