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Real Estate and J-REITs

Real Estate Practice is one of the areas in which Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu has been given extremely high commendation from its clients, both in Japan and abroad. We have wide experience in various real estate related transactions, such as development projects, sales and purchases, securitizations, real estate investment funds and J-REITs.

Real Estate Transactions

We have wide experience in advising clients in development, sale/purchase, leasing, etc. of all types of real estate, including office buildings, residences, commercial buildings, hotels, warehouses and healthcare facilities.


Real Estate Investment/Real Estate Securitization

We have been playing a starring role in the area of real estate funds and real estate securitizations since the early introduction of such practices to Japan.



We organize teams of highly skilled lawyers from wide areas of expertise to provide highly expert services required for the establishment, listing and management of J-REIT.