With one of the largest legal teams in Japan, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge focused on the singular purpose of providing high quality legal services.


Our lawyers have authored or co-authored a number of newsletters, articles, books and other materials covering a wide range of legal areas to address the latest legal developments and increasingly diverse and complex issues.


We regularly hold seminars and offer lectures through various formats, such as online streaming.



In line with our commitment to providing high-quality legal services more efficiently, we have proactively introduced LegalTech, which uses advanced technologies such as so-called AI that focuses primarily on natural language processing, and we have pioneered the introduction and use of various services and products. The products of MNTSQ, with which we announced a capital and business alliance in 2019, are being used in our firm for legal due diligence in M&A transactions, as well as in statistical data analysis of contractual practices. Drawing on the insights and experience from this alliance, we provide one-stop legal services covering various aspects of LegalTech, including structuring business models for LegalTech start-ups and expansions, obtaining necessary licenses and approvals, dealing with authorities, investing in, acquiring, and establishing business alliances with LegalTech companies. We also actively assist companies in their introduction of electronic contracts and other LegalTtech services.

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