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Taiwan and Japan have maintained a friendly relationship for many years, and have close economic ties. Although its unique position in the international community requires special legal consideration in conducting international trade and investment, the “Arrangement Between the Interchange Association and the Association of East Asian Relations for the Mutual Cooperation on the Liberalization, Promotion and Protection of Investment” in 2011 have secured a means for Japanese companies to enjoy investment protections, such as national treatment, in Taiwan. Furthermore, the tax treaty that was concluded in 2015 has established arrangement between Taiwan and Japan for avoiding double taxation. Even though legal practice in Taiwan is supported by well-developed laws and regulations as well as judicial practice, it is still necessary to be mindful of the differences in business culture.
By utilizing our network with local law firms, we offer legal advice not only on transactions, investments, and cross border M&A between Japan and Taiwan, but also on areas such as intellectual property, construction projects, and labor issues that local companies and joint-venture companies encounter in Taiwan.

Note: In light of different jurisdictions, “China” herein does not include Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, for which we provide introductions separately.

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