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NO&T Thailand Legal Update

NO&T’s English language newsletter "NO&T Thailand Legal Update" is written by Asian Thai qualified lawyers to provide updates on laws and legal practices focusing on Thailand, mainly for companies doing business or making investment in Thailand.

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September, 2021


New Thai Trade Competition Commission's Regulation on Credit Terms applicable to SMEs


August, 2021


Real Estate-Backed ICOs: General Information, New Requirements, and Comparison to REITs

Special Newsletter

July, 2021


M&A in Vietnam for Thai Investors (Part 2 of 2)

Special Newsletter

June, 2021


M&A in Vietnam for Thai Investors (Part 1 of 2)


May, 2021


Thailand’s New Regulation on Telemedicine Service Standards in Medical Facilities

Amendment to the Control Procedures for the Manufacture and Importation of Medical Devices in Thailand


April, 2021


Expected Amendment to Treasury Stock Regulation to Facilitate Share Buyback Program

Can Personal Seals Be Used Instead of Signatures in Doing Business Transactions in Thailand?


March, 2021


Possible Amendments to Interest Rate for Commercial Transactions under Thai Law


January, 2021


Personal Data Protection - Duties after your business faces a cyber-attack or hacking

Recent Movement on the Law on Climate Change

Recent Movement towards Legalization of Mobile Applications for Taxi or Ride-hailing Services


November, 2020


Updates on BOI’s Investment Promotion Packages (Elderly Care, Electric Vehicle, International Procurement Office, etc.)

Easing of Foreign-Owned Restrictions on Telecommunications, Treasury Center and Software Development Businesses in Thailand


October, 2020


Space Affairs Bill - An Endeavor to Go Where No Law Has Gone Before

Summary of Laws Concerning Electronic Technology Used in Day-to-Day Operations

Another Attempt to Introduce the Single Shareholder Company in Thailand


September, 2020


Relaxation of Cannabis Regulation: A New Hope for Alternative Medicine


August, 2020


Lessons from the Beirut Explosion - Understanding Hazardous Substance Control in Thailand

Launch of the Practical Guideline on Telemedicine in Thailand

Update on Personal Data Law - Standard of the Security Measures and Our Remarks


July, 2020


Gaming Business in Thailand: Business Opportunity and Legal Concerns

Expected Amendments to Corporate Law (Part II)

Value Added Tax to Be Imposed on Overseas Providers of e‐Services and Overseas Digital Platform Operators


June, 2020


Expected Amendments to Corporate Law

Personal Data Protection Act’s Postponement and our Remarks

BOI: Summary of incentives and promotions during the 2nd Quarter of 2020


May, 2020


Updated List of Prohibited Work for Foreigners of 2020

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