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Construction and Infrastructure

We advise sponsors, financiers and public bodies and other clients on PFI (Public Finance Initiative) / PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects concerning public infrastructures (including airports, railways, power plants, road, water and sewage facilities and waste disposal facilities). In particular, we have extensive experience in concession projects developed under the PFI Act.

Further, we advise on construction, operation, and PPP projects of overseas public infrastructures projects, including those supported by the World Bank, JICA, and other ECAs. In representing Japanese corporations involved in bidding processes, engineering, construction, or commissioning, we prepare and negotiate joint venture and subcontractor agreements and other documentation. We are also familiar with international contract forms, including FIDIC, ENAA, ICE, and railway and road operation agreements widely used in PPP projects. Concerning foreign projects, we maintain a best friends network of top-tier firms in each jurisdiction. As local firms with sector expertise play a key role in achieving success, we closely collaborate with the best local firms that are highly recognized in the sector. Through this collaboration, we provide comprehensive, high-quality support to our clients.

We are remarkably strong in handling dispute resolution cases. Our team has extensive experience in representing clients in DAB/DB, international commercial/investment arbitrations for construction/infrastructure disputes across all world regions (e.g., disclosure, documents submission, witness examination, etc.). We also advise on contract negotiations and dispute management of Japan-based projects, including the construction and operation of museums, entertainment parks, industrial plants, and commercial buildings. We are familiar with all commonly used contract terms in Japan, including those published by the Construction Associations Committee (“Minkan Rengo Yakkan”), design and build terms by the JFCC, plant construction terms by the ENAA, and public work terms by governments.

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