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NO&T Seminars

Best Practices for Japanese Corporate Compliance Programs in Light of the U.S. Biden Administration’s Renewed Focus on Corporate Prosecution and Global Anti-Corruption

NO&T - Covington & Burling Joint Seminar

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (JST) THU. February 3, 2022
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (EST) WED. February 2, 2022
Hironobu Tsukamoto, Ayumi Fukuhara, John Lane, Lanny A. Breuer (Covington & Burling, Vice-Chair), Jennifer H. Saperstein (Covington & Burling, Partner), Noam Kutler (Covington & Burling, Special Counsel)
Online (Live & On-Demand)

For Japanese companies with significant business interests outside Japan, adherence to both relevant rules and regulations in overseas markets and to global compliance norms has become more important than ever before. Particularly in the United States, the sanctions for regulatory misconduct can be much more severe than they would be for equivalent non-compliance in the Japanese market. In this webinar, NO&T will be joined by a team of senior lawyers from Covington & Burling who have significant experience representing and advising international clients on global regulatory investigations and white-collar crime issues. Covington will share their insights about achieving the most favorable resolutions possible for their clients in negotiations with U.S. government authorities and NO&T will share observations on some of the challenges facing Japanese companies when dealing with a U.S. government investigation, as well as tips to ensure that the reputational and economic impact of historic misconduct is minimized. Recently, the Deputy U.S. Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco issued a keynote speech which will impact the Department of Justice’s enforcement policy for at least the next four years and this webinar will also cover the expected implications of Monaco’s keynote speech.


“Why U.S. compliance expectations should matter to Japanese companies, in light of Biden Administration’s renewed focus on corporate prosecution and recent policy announcements from DOJ Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco”
Speaker: Lanny A. Breuer (Vice-Chair of Covington & Burling LLP and former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the U.S. DOJ)
“Compliance best practices and challenges for Japanese companies under the recent enforcement and “cooperation” atmosphere in the United States ~what Japanese companies should and should not do~”
Moderater: John Lane
Speakers: Hironobu Tsukamoto, Ayumi Fukuhara, Jennifer H. Saperstein (Covington & Burling), Noam Kutler (Covington & Burling)

Hosted by
Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
Covington & Burling

Live: English
On-Demand: Simultaneous interpretation in Japanese

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