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Announcing New Partners and Counsel of NO&T

Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu (“NO&T”) is pleased to announce that the following ten lawyers became Partners of the firm as of January 1, 2022:

Ayumi Fukuhara, Yoshimune Muraji, Nobuhiro Anzai, Satoshi Ogawa, Nobuaki Ito, Akihiro Tokura, Kyohei Mizukoshi, Haseru Roku, Masaki Mizukoshi, and Tomohiro Koyasu

The firm is also pleased to announce that the following four lawyers became Counsel as of January 1, 2022:

Akihiro Ishikawa, Tsuyoshi Isshiki, Misae Shimizu, and Takehito Matsumoto

We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high quality legal services to our clients. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

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