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NO&T participates in a workshop of the “Research and Practices on Arbitration, ADR, and Negotiation” Program at Sophia Law School

As a part Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu ("NO&T")’s cooperation with the program of "Research and Practices on Arbitration, ADR, and Negotiation" at Sophia Law School, a workshop was held which mainly consisted of conciliation role plays and arbitration role plays by the Sophia Law School students, and lectures by practitioners and researchers.

At the said workshop, in addition to lectures on arbitration and conciliation by Norimitsu Arai, the following members of Shuji Yanase, Masato Dogauchi, Jun Naito, Norimitsu Arai, Saotoshi Moriguchi, Koki Yanagisawa and Eriko Ogata took part as mediators in the conciliation role plays and as arbitrators in the arbitration role plays, and reviewed and commented on the briefs, arbitral awards, etc. prepared by the law school students.

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