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Mitsuo Matsushita

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Mitsuo Matsushita

Admitted to bar
1996, Japan
Japanese and English


Mitsuo Matsushita is an advisor at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu. He was a member of various councils attached to ministries of the government including the Industrial Structure Council (METI), Customs and Tariffs Council (MOF) and the Telecommunications and Post Council (MOGA). Currently he is an advisor to the United Nations Conference Trade and Development (UNCTAD), to the WTO Consulting Center established by the Shanghai City, PRC and an arbitrator at the ICSID (International Center), Chairperson of the Japanese Institute of International Business Law Institute, Inc., a member of the board of directors at the International, Inc. and the Japan Tariffs Association, Inc.

Education/Professional Experience

1956 St. Paul's University (B.A.)
1962 Tulane University (Ph.D.)
1968 The University of Tokyo (D. Jur.)
1968-83 Professor of Law, Sophia University
1977-78 Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School
1984-94 Professor of Law, The University of Tokyo
1987-88 Visiting Professor, Columbia Law School
1990, 1992 Visiting Professor, Michigan Law School
1992-1995 Visiting Professor, College of Europe
1994-present Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
1994-2013 Professor of Law, Seikei University
1995-2000 Member of the Appellate Body of the WTO
2013-present Professor Emeritus, Seikei University

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